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Welcome to Yara, a collection of family-run restaurants and catering specialising in authentic Lebanese and Syrian cuisine. We’re proud to share our rich and delicious heritage with a wide variety of traditional dishes, giving every guest the chance to experience the exotic flavours and nourishing delicacies of the Middle East.

Ideal location for all your gatherings with best team of chefs ready to prepare your ideal feast:

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Yara Restaurant

Lebanese and Syrian Cuisine

Wide variety


The cuisines of Lebanon and Syria represent some of the best-known and loved dishes from the broader category of Eastern Mediterranean Levantine cuisine, an ancient palate which has become rather trendy amongst western culture over the years. The cuisine includes a wide variety of zesty herbs and eclectic spices, and some dishes you may already recognise as party classics like hummus dip and vine leaves, as well as high-street favourites like kebab and shawarma, food that is as nutritious as it is delicious. But if you want to experience Lebanese and Syrian cuisine at its finest and most authentic, come dine with us at Yara, where we rely on ancient family recipes passed down through generations and chefs whose passion it is to serve inspired dishes.

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To complete the extensive Yara Restaurants Lebanese and Syrian Cuisine experience, we offer a superb selection of Lebanese beverages, including Lebanese wines. Did you know Lebanon’s winemaking industry is becoming one of the most sought-after in the world? Thanks to the Mediterranean climate and rich soil, vineyards like Chateau Musar (makers of a famous red wine) and Massaya are gaining international recognition with their fine offerings of red, white and rose varietals. In addition to Lebanese wines, we also offer international beers like Heineken and Budweiser.


Yara Restaurants Lebanese and Syrian Cuisine are ideal for family dinners, and we recommend booking your visit to ensure we are able to accommodate you on your chosen night. We welcome parties of any size, so be sure to call ahead and reserve your booking.


You’ll notice the Yara collection of Lebanese and Syrian restaurants includes three locations—one in Cheadle, one in Altrincham and one in Alderley Edge—to provide even more customers with the chance to partake in our unique dining experience. No matter which Yara you visit, you can depend on the same high level of excellence and attention to detail and authenticity.


A special note to our customers in Altrincham and Cheadle: our restaurant locations are close to residential properties, and we’d be grateful if you could respect the residences as well as their surrounding properties, including being mindful of where you park when dining in or picking up a takeaway, especially at the end of the evening. In particular, please take care not to block the driveways of the houses along Oxford Road in Altrincham.


Thank you for visiting. We invite you to explore our site more to learn about Yara Restaurants. Be sure to check out our menus for each location.

To order for dine-in, takeaway and delivery please visit the websites of each location below


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``Yara” relies on ancient family recipes passed down through generations

and chefs whose passion it is to serve inspired dishes

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