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The word “Yara” comes from the Arabic language word for power, capability and courage, because that’s what this story is about.

The story of Yara began in 1998, when two friends came to the UK from Syria with a shared dream: opening a restaurant that would bring the delicious flavours and historical significance of their beloved Middle Eastern cuisine to the new place they called home. Almost immediately, the two set to work making their dream a reality. They devoted themselves to their studies, taking on multiple things at once with plenty of motivation. They worked on mastering their English skills while perfecting the delicate art of professional cooking by taking cheffing courses with local restaurants of various cuisines. But it was more than just making great food they were after—it was to create a truly unique dining experience that would be memorable for each guest. Along the way they honed their business sense and boosted their know-how of the restaurant industry, as well as fine-tuning their attention to detail and focus on creativity and motivational management styles that would make each staff member feel like they were in on something special.







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Ten years later in 2008, the first Yara Restaurant was opened in Altrincham, where it quickly earned the nickname “The Jewel in Trafford’s Crown.” The crowds came for more than just the food. Word got out about all the determination and enthusiasm that went into creating Yara, and there’s nothing like good, old-fashioned creativity to make food taste better. From then on, these two friends sought to make the Yara Restaurant experience available to even more people.


Four years later, in 2012 Yara got the green light to expand, however even this came with its challenges: 21 letters of objection and only 2 letters of support from the local residents. At first, the two friends thought Yara’s days were numbered, that all their hard work had been in vain. But that’s where our name Yara comes into play. While our two partners were certainly up against more than their fair share of challenges, they had Yara—power, capability and courage—in their favour, and with enough perseverance they knew they could overcome this obstacle.


They did, and Yara’s second location in Alderley Edge was opened, giving the area yet another jewel in its crown. Soon after, in 2015, Yara Altrincham was awarded a certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor, one of the industry’s highest accolades. Being featured so prominently on one of today’s most trusted sites meant even more people could experience all that Yara had to offer. The next thing you know, the two partners had opened the third Yara in Cheadle in 2018.


What’s next for Yara? If all goes according to plan, we’ll be opening the next Yara Restaurant in Whitefield, adding a fourth jewel to one delicious crown of the Manchester area. Stay tuned for updates, but until then, come visit Yara and experience all we have to offer. You’re always welcomed.

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